Nirvana Spa: Case Study

The award winning facilities at Nirvana Spa in Wokingham, Berkshire are,
the result of one man’s dream to build an oasis of serenity where the mind,nirvana-logo
body and soul could come together to promote health and wellbeing.


Nirvana Spa has its own underground reservoir of pure spring water, drawn from deep beneath the earth’s surface. It is one of only three spas in the UK that can boast this.

Nirvana Spa is home to a 53-station hydrotherapy spa, which is able to provide the benefits of a full body massage in luxurious surroundings. The site also has plunge pools, monsoon showers and aromatherapy sauna and steam rooms. Also part of the spa is the Celestial
Dead Sea Flotation treatment pool, 25m fitness pool and the Grand Roman Room pool.

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Nirvana Spa had realised that their current security system was nearing the end of its life expectancy and needed to be updated, in order for it to be an effective and efficient solution for the site.nirvana-pool

The quality of the images produced from the existing analogue system was poor and getting worse. The system itself was disparate, made up of a number of stand-alone systems spread across various buildings on the site. This meant that managers could not see different areas of the site simultaneously.

With an extensive refurbishment of the Spa Garden, the system installed needed to enable the spa’s management to monitor health and safety (a factor that is extremely important at the site) in the Spa Garden.

Representatives from LanTec Security undertook a site survey prior to implementing the new system. Nirvana Spa was then presented with a number of new IP-based technologies which were designed to upgrade the site from the existing analogue systems and provide high definition pictures.

LanTec Securoty proposed a migration path from the existing analogue system to the new
IP based solution using Pelco products which minimized disruption during the changeover.nirvana-pool-2
Furthermore, LanTec Security presented new software that gave Nirvana Spa the ability to monitor a number of different areas of the site simultaneously.


The management team at Nirvana Spa are now able to view areas of the site through high resolution images produced by the new security system.

The spa has been provided with a brand-new management system which enables managers to view parts
of the site from a single controller, allowing the spa to perform at a higher level of efficiently as opposed to the cumbersome system that was previously in place. The system can also be used for in-house staff training, improving the customer experience at the spa.


Managers at the spa are also able to manage staff resources much more efficiently as they can view the whole of the site at once and deploy resources to provide high levels of customer service and customer satisfaction. The system is future-proofed allowing units to be upgraded easily as and when the spa requires. It is also compliant with strict health and safety directives.

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Download Free PDF – Nirvana Spa Case Study

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