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The Ultimate Home Cinema Experience

Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Universal, Lucasfilm, Sony and Dolby Labs have all chosen M&K speakers for the production of their films. If you want to enjoy your music and movies at there very best, these same features that have made M&K speaker system the choice of professionals, will ensure the very best sound quality in any home.

Sound Throughout Your Room

One of the problems with using hi-fi speakers for surround sound is that they only give their best results at a narrow “sweet spot” in a room. M&K speakers have been developed for the confined spaces of the recording studio, where an engineer must be able to hear accurate sound evenly across the width of his mixing desk.

The use of M&K’s unique “phase focused” professional crossovers in their domestic speakers ensures that wherever you are sitting in your room, you will hear the same high quality of sound.

Seamless Panning Around the Room

The most important speaker in any surround sound system is the centre speaker. Typically the centre speaker reproduces over 70% of the sound in a film and deals largely with the sounds that we are best at recognising – those of human speech.

As the quality of the centre speaker is so critical, M&K does not use cheap alternatives of their main speakers for this critical task. All M&K systems use identical left, centre and right speakers to ensure optimum sound quality and the seamless panning of sound between speakers that is impossible when using an inferior centre speaker.

Consistent Results in any Room

Matching the loudspeakers with the locations that they will be used in is essential for achieving the best quality sound. Hifi speakers are designed for use well away from walls or other hard surfaces to avoid “boundary effects” that increase the bass output of a speaker, making them boom and sound muffled.

M&K’s loudspeaker systems were developed to give optimum results in the confined space of the recording studio, which means they will also give excellent results in your home even when placed close to walls or in cabinetry. With a minimum of five speakers being required in a surround system, this makes designing a system, that you can be certain will give great results, a possibility.

Real Surround Sound

Surround speakers should produce an enveloping sound from the side and rear of the room so that sound can appear to come from any point around you. To achieve this 360degree soundstage, surround speakers need to fire sound into the room in a completely different way to your front loudspeakers.

M&K’s “tripolar” surround speakers fire sound in three directions, to wrap you in sound, whilst also firing directly towards you for the localised information that is found in today’s 5.1 digital recordings.

Deep Accurate Bass

Subwoofers should be capable of reproducing the deepest bass notes that can be felt as resonance, as much as heard as sound. As these deep frequencies spread out in all directions in a room, this then makes the source of the bass note impossible to detect.

If correctly matched with a set of speakers that are designed to produce no bass, this means the bass sound will then appear to come only from the satellite speakers. To achieve this however, the subwoofer must be chosen to match the size and characteristics of the room that it will be used in.

M&K invented subwoofers for use in recording studios over 25 years ago and have the widest choice of subwoofers available. When correctly fitted with the appropriate subwoofer, M&K’s speaker systems will provide the clarity, dynamics and full range audio that are only found in professional audio systems.


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