LanTec Security Ltd will become the supplier of choice for every home, business and institution, for ALL their security needs.

Our mission

We will meet every supply need, as a convenient one-stop business supply solution, driven by truly OUTSTANDING customer service.

We will add value by offering knowledgeable advice and making innovative proposals to our customers to help them meet their security needs.

Our character

We are thoroughly professional and courteous, whilst being friendly and approachable.

We are proud of what we do, both as a company and individually.

Our values

We always work as a team, and all employees operate as integral and mutually respected members of that team. We believe in absolute honesty and integrity in all matters. We will not do anything in the name of the company of which we’re not proud. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. If we make a mistake, we admit it and correct it without question. Then we learn from it to make sure we don’t make the same mistake again.

Our commitment to employees

We will provide our employees with a dynamic, challenging, rewarding and safe work environment, where pride and excellence are the hallmarks of our operations.

We will treat every employee as an individual, and give them the opportunity, support and training to develop their potential.

Lantec Security Ltd is run by a small but dedicated and enthusiastic team who really enjoy the challenges offered in such a dynamic company. We are totally focused on achieving zero-error customer service, and full stock availability. If we ever do get it wrong, you can rest assured we take it very seriously and do whatever we can to put it right and to prevent it from happening again.


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