LanTec are a leading HD CCTV Security Systems installer and offer the latest in IP CCTV technology in which we design everything from single camera residential systems to large scale industrial warehouse systems. Our IP cameras offer superior clarity and picture quality over analogue CCTV and also provide the most coverage of an area which will be detailed enough to be used as evidence in any situation.

IP Cameras can be run wired as the preferred choice, they can also be run wirelessly by using powerline adapters which take advantage of existing mains electrical wiring. IP Cameras typically fall under two categories:

  1. Centralised  IP Cameras, they require a network video recorder (NVR) to handle the recording, viewing and management.
  2. Decentralised IP Cameras, no NVR required as cameras have a built in recording function and can record to SD card, Network Attached Storage Drive (NAS) or a PC/server.

CCTV Surveillance Maintenance

Getting the most of your CCTV surveillance system through LanTec maintenance service agreement, we have a team of CCTV experts working throughout the Reading and Berkshire area, other parts of UK are covered, we can provide your business a surveillance maintenance service plan to suit your needs and requirements.

Our periodic surveillance maintenance visits to inspect the entire CCTV system down to the last camera. This ensures that all the cameras are updated, working at optimum performance and not carrying any faults or problems.



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