Home Automation

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to control the lights, music, security system, even temperature – from across the room? Or how about from across the globe? It all begins with a simple touch…

LanTec AV is proud to provide full Home Automation and control with a family of products designed to provide more convenience, comfort and peace of mind than you ever thought possible. Personalised to fit your specific lifestyle, these solutions range from simple family room control to full whole-home entertainment and management – even remote monitoring of holiday homes.

And best of all, with LanTec AV – whether you’re moving around the room or around the globe, our systems are just as easy to use. Thanks to their uniform look and feel, no matter which interface you touch, it will feel like home.


With one touch, dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system. Check in on your home from your smartphone, no matter where you are. Press a “Goodnight” button that will put your house to sleep, turning off all lights and locking all doors. Control4 can be implemented into any home or project no matter how big or small. And if you wanted to expand your system later then you can!

Control4 integrates with many brands and systems. Such as; Sonos, Lutron, Rako, Nest, Amazon Echo and more.

Control4 offers a variety of user interfaces to control your smart home. Starting with a basic solution of a remote control to a built in wall 10″ touchscreen. Other interfaces include keypads and phones and tablets, which allow you to access your system from beyond the house.


Control4 isn’t just for homes however… Many commercial premises’ use smart home automation to increase efficiency and greet potential clients. Restaurants and bars benefit by being able to control multiple TV’s from one system or remote and control multiple lighting fixtures for various different scenes. For a boardroom, a single touch of a button will dim the lights dim and power the video conferencing system. Gyms and spas can conserve water and energy with programming and instructors can tune into their custom made playlists. And hotels can create a pleasant experience for guests by creating wake up scenes by themselves and the lights turning on in the evening when the room key card is swiped.


EA-1 Controller and remote starter bundle

Start simple with a one room solution in which you can control your TV and up to 3 AV devices including sky box, Blu-Ray player etc

One room and lighting bundle

Included is an EA-1 controller, a system remote and a light switch keypad which can control your AV equipment as well as your lighting circuit and lighting scenes. Dim the lights and turn the TV on to Netflix with a single touch of a button.

Multi-room bundle

Bundle includes 1 x EA-1 controller, 2 x EA-1 controllers and 3 x system remotes. The bundle is ideal where you may wish to start with more than one room or add to an already existing system.

Whether home or commercial, Control4 can largely efficiency and comfort to everyday lives.

If you’d like to know more about our home automation solutions or would like a free survey then visit our contact page to get in touch with us and we will find a solution for you.



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